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Long term care Medicaid/Veterans Benefits Planning

Medicaid for Long term care (nursing home care)

Regardless of what you have heard, you do not have to spend all of your assets if you are faced with a family member needing nursing home care. We help clients get through the vast array of requirements to get Kentuckty Long Term Care Medicaid to pay for their nursing home care, while protecting assets from the high cost of aging in a nursing home facility. Medicaid PrePlanning, sometimes referred to as Proactive Planning, is a process where we help clients protect their assets from the costs of long-term care prior to their need for nursing home, or long term, care.

You also may have heard of others who have had a parent “lose everything to the nursing home.” This means their parent did not have long term care insurance and/or sufficient money to pay for their nursing home care. If they had applied for Long Term Care Medicaid Benefits, the cost of their nursing home care would have been paid for by Medicaid once they became financially eligible through a “spend down” of assets. Helping these clients involves Medicaid Crisis Planning.

We assist clients who need immediate coverage by Medicaid to pay for their nursing home care navigate the Medicaid eligibility and application process—one which requires specific spending of excess assets, allocation of excess income and specific documentation.


Veterans Benefits

Many veterans, and their spouses or widows, are eligible for veteran's pension or aid and attendance benefits from the Veterans Administration. These benefits do not require a service-related injury to qualify. We help wartime veterans, and their spouses or widows, get the benefits to which they are entitled by guiding them through the meticulous planning, eligibility, and application processes with the Veterans Administration.

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