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Guardianship & special needs planning

Special Needs & Guardianship Assistance in Louisville, KY

At Pitt & Emison, we're proud to provide you with advice and direction concerning special needs trusts and guardianship assistance in Louisville, KY. When you have minor children, you should always name a guardian. You should name this person or persons in your will and your power of attorney. A guardian will only step in if both parents die or are unable to care for their children.

If you have not named a guardian, the court will choose a person deemed to be the best possible guardian for your child. The guardian you want to care for your children does not have to be the same person you have selected to manage your children's finances.

The decision on who to name as guardian(s) is often difficult. At Pitt & Emison, we’ll help you think objectively about the people in your life with our guardianship assistance services so you can decide who you want to care for your children. We encourage you to include specific wishes and guidelines for the guardian(s) you choose. Contact us to learn more about guardianship assistance and special needs trusts.

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Special Needs Planning

Families who have a child with a disability, physical limitation or other special needs must plan very carefully. How your assets are held and protected after your death can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for that family member.


A special needs trust allows a parent or other family member to provide money for a disabled child in a way that will not impinge on their eligibility for government aid and benefits. Some important considerations in establishing a special needs trust as a part of your overall estate plan include:

Whom would you trust to be the guardian for your child?

Whom would you trust to manage the trust's assets and supervise your child's finances?

What guidance or instructions would you give for your child's education, housing, personal and emotional needs?