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Guardianship & special needs planning

Legal and Financial Guardianship Assistance in Louisville, KY for Children

If your kids are minors, you owe it to them and yourself to name a guardian who will give them the same loving care you would if something happened to you. Every parent should include this information in their will and power of attorney, and the legal team at Pitt & Emison is here to make sure that’s the case for yours. The question of who should raise your children is not an easy decision, but it's not one that should be delayed. We provide professional guardianship assistance in Louisville, KY, to guide you toward an answer to this sensitive question.

Pitt & Emison helps you consider the people in your life to finalize who should have this responsibility. We can even work with you on setting up special needs trusts to aid with the finances. It is wise to include specific wishes and guidelines for the guardians. If you do not name one, the court appoints a person to care for your children, so it’s best to start the process sooner rather than later. Your children’s guardian does not have to be the same person who manages their finances.

Happy Child with a Disability, Guardianship, Louisville, KY

Special Needs Trusts and Planning

We always advise careful consideration for guardianship of special needs children. Protecting and distributing your assets properly after your death can profoundly impact the quality of life for family members with disabilities. A trust lets a family member provide money for a disabled child so that it does not negatively affect their eligibility for government benefits. Some important points to keep in mind when establishing a trust are:

Who would you want to be the guardian for your child?

Who would you wish to manage the trust and supervise your child’s finances?

What instructions would you give for your child’s education, housing, and personal needs?